Heartland Community College Job Shadow Program

The Job Shadow program allows students an opportunity to connect with professionals in their career field of interest.  Shadowing experiences are short-term, typically only one day.  They allow students to meet with professionals, ask questions, learn about the work setting and observes various work functions.  Students have a “day in the life” kind of experience to learn more about if a specific career is of interest to them.

To learn more contact Career Services, 309.268.8034 or email career.services@heartland.edu

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Project Oz Learning & Leading Program

The Learning & Leading program is an 8-week summer internship program that begins with recruiting and training high school students with the goal of placing them in paid positions with area employers.  Students are initially place in training sessions and those with the greatest potential for success are move from the training sessions to employment interviews.  Employers make the final decision on hiring any intern for the 8 week term.  The Learning & Leading program allows employers to help prepare and mold students who will soon be joining the workforce.

Project Oz handles the recruiting and teaches soft skills in training sessions.  They remain in contact to assist with any difficulties that may arise.  Employers can request an intern for specific needs and Project Oz staff will recommend a good match.

Employers are expected to supervise the interns as they would any other staff member.  They provide job descriptions, qualifications and payroll for the 8 week commitment.  An employee mentor for the intern is suggested but not required.

For more information, contact Jay Shannon, L & L Coordinator, shannonj@district87.org or 309.828.5201 x 6125.

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Students Involved with Technology Conference (SIT)

SIT is a technology conference by kids and for kids in grades 3-12 which is coordinated by the Bloomington Normal Education Alliance (BNEA includes representatives from Heartland Community College, Illinois State University, District 87, Unit 5, Olympia Schools and State Farm). While this conference began in the Bloomington-Normal area in 2000, it has since spread throughout Illinois to five additional conference locations.

Students learn about technology by seeing what their peers are doing with it and find out what is happening with technology in higher education and private industry. Some elements of the conference are timeless (keynote speaker, sessions presented by students, student-designed logo for next year’s conference) and other elements change each year to provide variety (introduction of changing competitions and hands-on activities).

One of the key benefits for this conference is the networking that happens – between students and different educational organizations and local business; students interact with some of the community members and for many this may be the connection for their future internships/jobs.

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internrocket.com is a new way to match interns with opportunities.  Businesses and organizations large and small can post internship opportunities to the site and find the right students for the job based on their skill-set.

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Eighth Grade Career Expo

The 8th Grade Career Expo is an effort coordinated by the Bloomington Area Career Center designed to help 8th grade students with career exploration. During an 8th grader’s second semester, the student is encouraged to create a 4-year high school plan. To help these students focus their interests, the Expo gives the opportunity to see various career paths and occupations where numerous community employers and partners exhibit their particular field or industry. This event demonstrates community partnership in business and education for student career readiness.

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McLean County Certified Work Ready Communities (CWRC) initiative

The McLean County Community Compact endorses the McLean County Certified Work Ready Communities (CWRC) initiative. CWRC is a partnership between ACT, Inc. and the McLean County Community Compact, McLean County Chamber of Commerce, Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council, McLean County Unit 5, Regional Office of Education 17, and Heartland Community College.

Central to the McLean County CWRC initiative is county-wide adoption of ACT’s National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™). NCRC is a proven, successful, nationally-recognized credential based on the WorkKeys® system that employers have used for nearly 20 years.

The NCRC ranks essential work readiness skills and performance in applied mathematics, locating information, and reading for information. This credential is a reliable tool to help employers make better hiring decisions, resulting in reduced training time, lower turnover and higher productivity.

McLean County is working toward its ACT Certified Work Ready Community status by encouraging individuals to earn an ACT National Career Readiness Certificate and building employer recognition and support for the NCRC credential.

For information on the McLean County CWRC initiative, visit http://workreadycommunities.org/IL/113.

For details on how to utilize NCRC at your organization, contact Julie Elzanati with Heartland Community College at (309) 268-8166 or julie.elzanati@heartland.edu

Download McLean County CWRC Brochure:  McLean County CWRC Brochure (April 2014).pdf
Download the CWRC FAQ:  McLean CWRC FAQ (April 2014).pdf
Information on NCRC prep classes online. WorkKeys and Career Ready flyer (HCC-April 2014).pdf
Download the Business Letter of Commitment: McLean Co CWRC Business Letter of Commitment.pdf

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